Infinity grows on you

Infinity showcase


concept fully glazed - easy to mount and demount glass inset/modular system / hinged pivot door
Glass extra white 44.2 laminated low iron glass / other glass types on demand
Lock mechanical security system with abloy lock x2
airtightness air tight case with meyvaert clear seal
case top fully glazed 44.2 laminated extra white glass / perfect for external lighting
frame black anodised aluminium
artsorb room for 2 artsorb casettes / accesible from outside by removable plinth
base cover 815* 815 / ZF MDF / different finishes possible
adhesive film for a perfect finish / in black or white
standard size 900*900*2200/ 2'11.5''* 2'11.5''*7'35'' / other dimensions on demand